About Edusure

The 1st Student Health Insurance Marketplace

Edusure is the first private health insurance marketplace for students. With world-class technology and a team of licensed insurance advisors, Edusure makes it easier and more efficient for students and families to shop and enroll in health insurance coverage.

Edusure allows students to view and compare health insurance plans available in their zip code from the nation’s top insurance companies. Students can also estimate available federal tax subsidies and apply them directly to their health plans to lower their monthly payments. At any time during the shopping process, licensed insurance advisors are accessible by phone or online chat to answer questions and offer advice. All of these services are free.

Edusure has access to over 300+ health insurance carriers across the country to sell health insurance products in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Edusure, through its proprietary technology and partnership, can enroll students in subsidized health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. The Edusure platform can estimate tax-credit eligibility, verify eligibility for special enrollment periods, and directly enroll consumers in marketplace health insurance plans.

As a student-first service, Edusure aims to do more than just enroll students in health insurance coverage; we help people obtain the plan that’s right for them. Unlike any other public or private marketplace, Edusure has hundreds of licensed health insurance advisors who can help consumers access their needs and make customized plan recommendations.

Edusure also offers more plan options than any other marketplace, including every health plan available through state and federal websites, as well as additional major medical, ancillary, and supplementary options.

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